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Rlm-110 Articles Of Agreement


Operating Checklist/Safety Control for SOLAS Requirements – Marine Mentions INS-004 This Operational Safety Checklist will help Master ensure that fire prevention, firefighting and pollution prevention devices are in good condition and can be used immediately in accordance with the SOLAS and MARPOL conventions. Proactive use of the checklist could identify devices that do not work and do not need to be repaired or maintained as needed. Copies of the completed form can be sent to the dpa forms. This CD contains important knowledge and knowledge that sailors and coastal personnel need when working with ships: new threats such as cybersecurity, as well as best practices in piracy, armed robbery, Stowaway and general maritime security. With the most advanced computer tools, the Cyber-Ship Security CBT offers a concise interactive and multimedia self-learning course. Whether on land or at sea, this training is an effective tool to increase the skill, confidence and availability of your ship owners and crew. Based worldwide, this training CD replaces the latest Somalia-based cbT for Best Management Practices (BMP) and can be used on ships of all flags. . If a certificate is declared fraudulent/falsified/invalid by the issuing government, the Registrar/Ship Owner/Marine Manager is informed accordingly. No confirmation certificate is issued. Shipowners/managers are encouraged to remove the sailor from the duties he has undertaken and remove him from the vessel in the nearest available port.

. Cargo Record Book – Each NLS tanker, a cargo booklet in accordance with MARPOL`s Schedule II, is required to maintain a cargo log in accordance with MARPOL`s Schedule II, see settlement book POL-009, Chapter I – Any tanker of 150 gross tons or more and each vessel of 400 gross tons and, beyond that, an oil tanker, is required to keep a booklet I (Machinery Space Operations) in accordance with Schedule I, Appendix I, Regulation 17. This oil book, Part I, complies with the provisions of MarPOL`s Schedule I and contains instructions for filling in. Please contact Skanreg, the Maritime Nader or shipowners as soon as possible so that the document is cancelled so that you can get a replacement. A fee is levied for the issuance of replacement documents. Ozone Depletion Substances (ODS) Record Book – Any vessel subject to Schedule VI of MARPOL Regulation 6.1 and with rechargeable systems containing ozone-depleting substances is required to keep an ozone depletion book in accordance with Schedule VI of the MARPOL Regulation. This ODS data book complies with The MARPOL Rules of Appendix VI and contains instructions for filling in. Please fill out Form A15 and indicate in the “Type of Application” section that you need a replacement or extension. Please also fill in box 52 explaining the reasons for the lack of documents.

The eRLM-300 CD-ROM is the same as the RLM-300 paper copy repair and is accaptable as long as the last revision remains on board.

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