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Mobile Postpaid Agreement


1. This Agreement is subject to the laws of New Zealand and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts with respect to disputes or proceedings arising from them. This agreement contains different words and phrases that are depending on the meaning. These defined words and phrases have the meaning defined in section 23 Definitions at the end of this agreement. 1. We may transfer all or part of the agreement you have with us to another person and you agree. Before doing so and in the absence of confidentiality obligations, we will inform you at least one month in advance. b. you are violating this agreement in a substantial way (for example.B if you are doing something that could have a negative impact on our network) and do not fix it within seven days of our request; 1. From time to time, we may need to change the terms of this agreement by changing or removing existing conditions or adding new conditions.

Changes can take the form of completely new concepts. The postpaid mobile phone is a mobile phone for which the service is provided in prior agreement with a mobile operator. The user in this situation is charged after they use mobile services at the end of each month. As a general rule, the customer`s contract indicates a limit or “surcharge” of minutes, text messages, etc., and the customer is charged for each use corresponding to that or smaller fee. Any use above this limit is subject to an additional fee. In theory, in this situation, a user has no restrictions on the use of mobile services and therefore unlimited credits. This service is better for people with a guaranteed income. q. that you cannot transfer any benefits or obligations under this Contract to another person. 2. We will do our best to provide you with quality services at all times, with the appropriate care and skill. Due to the nature of mobile telecommunications, our ability to do so is sometimes influenced by factors beyond our control, including, but not only, geographic conditions and physical obstacles, weather conditions, the number of people trying to use our network at the same time, or the errors of our network or other networks we use to provide you with services.

, as well as the dependence of our services on systems and other services that we do not own or control. Therefore, we cannot promise or guarantee that our services are available continuously or without error or in a specific location. The alternative billing method is a prepaid phone in which a user pays in advance for credits that are then consumed by the use of the mobile phone service. p. the terms of a loan agreement you have with us for mobile devices or other devices that you rent or are loaned to you; and one. An omission or delay on the part of you or ourselves to assert rights or powers under this Agreement is not considered a waiver of that right or power. The waiver of an offence under this agreement is not considered to be a waiver of another offence or a subsequent offence. B. You are responsible for taking all necessary measures to carry your mobile phone number, with the exception of our obligations under the LMNP conditions; and maybe we realize that we suffered losses before you did.

If we suffer losses as a result of this agreement, we agree to take appropriate measures to avoid or minimize our losses, and that you will not be held responsible for losses resulting from our inability to take appropriate action to achieve this objective. 1. Anyone mentioned in your request to use the Services as a customer must fulfill all of the Customer`s obligations under this Agreement, including the payment of all fees you pay pursuant to Clause 8. 2. This contract is for you personally and you cannot transfer that contract or any other benefit or obligation of it to another person. If you are a company or a company and your actual control or administration is changed in any way, this will be done by us as

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