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Augmentation Agreement


A solution has been found, whose name is the increase in IT staff. Here, we cover the basics of staff extension services, explain differences with other forms of outsourcing and accompany you every step of the way in introducing staff expansion into your business to promote technical potential and optimize software development costs. Once you choose to extend the software development staff, you must choose which model is best for you. Once your project is complete, the developer will stop working on you in staff extension and the supplier will make another one available. In fact, no one fires the developer, he/she remains the seller`s employee. As you can see, the importance of increasing staff is diverse and context-dependent. Only the highly skilled nature of the increase in staff is relevant to the IT niche. To maximize the value of this approach to your business, you should analyze your needs, take into account the degree of control you want to give and calculate the budget for this task. In short, increasing the workforce is an outsourcing approach that involves recruiting staff for a concrete project that meets the company`s current objectives and staffing needs. A strategy to avoid sub-marine bricks of outsourcing is simple: take these considerations in your planning process, always insist on a staff extension agreement with an NDA clause and carefully calculate the costs. As the definition of staff increase that has just been discussed suggests, this approach has many recruitment benefits for businesses, particularly given the speed of hiring and the flexibility of the employer to add and remove employees from the expanded team upon request. Such flexibility is never possible in internal teams; The search for and hiring a new employee is long and requires a lot of paperwork and formal registration.

Dismissal of staff is also a burden and reduces the value of internal employment, especially when new employees are needed for less than six months. There are also many different options for hiring employee growth talent. The choice of the right one depends on the specific requirements of your organization. When you grow your employees, you directly manage your remote developer while a dedicated team works under the vendor`s direction. Increasing staff requires full-time engagement and a committed team can work with some clients for a day. Finding a real collaborator and signing a contract with them is too expensive and time-time-related.

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